2020 has not been easy. The current lockdown is unlike anything we’ve ever seen, changing our economy, how we work, and even how we do our grocery shopping.

But even as the end of the pandemic remains beyond the horizon, we hope you’re able to keep exploring, discovering, and roaming the world with your children, soaking it all up while practicing social distancing.

We’re inviting you to help us create the upcoming 12th issue of Fathers.

We very much want to know how you and your family are doing. What are your ideas for traveling in this new reality? What are your plans for the great outdoors? How are you going to explore nature? What do you plan to do this year? Was your business affected by the lockdown? Have you come up with a completely new business idea? Have you discovered anything new about yourself, or have your children invented any ingenious ways to spend time at home? Or has nothing changed at all?

We would love to hear from you and publish stories from all over the world.

And don’t hesitate to share your pre-lockdown experiences, as well. This issue goes to print in September 2020 in China (Chinese) and internationally (English). Your stories will be featured alongside thought-provoking essays, reports, and profiles of other fathers.

How do I contribute? Send your stories and pictures to hello@fathers.pl.

How much time do I have? We’re accepting stories until July 14th, 2020. 

Who will you publish? We’ll choose the most unexpected, inspiring, and interesting stories. Hopefully, one of yours!

What language should I write my story in? Polish, English, or Chinese.

Don’t know us yet? See all issues of Fathers here.